Do It Yourself

Can you do it yourself? Some people opt to make their own will for instance – or carry out DIY conveyancing or even divorce. They handle their own drafting of legal papers and filing of compensations claims.

The key downside is that of the risk you take. If you are negligent you stand to lose a great deal. Unlike solicitors and licensed conveyancers who have negligence insurance you do not have that cover. So if you make a mistake doing DIY conveyancing or DIY divorce, you will personally be liable for the repercussions which could be serious.

DIY Divorce

DIY divorce sites for example will provide you with the services to get a divorce without having to hire a solicitor and without visiting the courts.
Some DIY divorce sites may even give you access to divorce counselors and mediators who offer support during the painful divorce process and ensure that a certain dignity is maintained and communication lines kept open between two you both. Such services enable you to significantly save on your solicitor fees while getting more control over the process.
If you have decided to ‘do it yourself’, then DIY websites can provide advice and support as well as pointing you towards useful cheap services. One reason why DIY divorce for example is slowly becoming popular in the UK is because there are no laws that enforce the need to hire a solicitor to represent the parties involved. This is particularly relevent in divorce cases that are uncontested and do not involve a custody battle.

DIY Last Will and Testament

There are many DIY will making offerings – from packs available at high-street stationers, to word processed documents. Some people successfully use these. However, there are significant risks involved. Wills need to be structured. worded, and signed in very specific ways. Even the simplist error can invalidate the will. In such a case, you won’t be arround to put it right.

It’s an old solicitor’s joke that they love people to make their own wills. That’s because substantial legal fees result from sorting out a will that is badly written, causing friends and family to battle it out in the courts. The fees can be huge. It also causes personal anxiety that this causes to those you love most, at a time when they least need it.

A summary of the risks might be put this way. We ‘don’t know’ what we ‘don’t know’. There could be something in your circumstances that means a will may need to be specifically written to take account of. Such curcumstances can only be uncovered through a careful interrogation of your circumstances.

A solicitor or will-making professional can do this – or you can use an online will-making service such as The Will Site, which enables you to input the key information, after which the will can either be downloaded or sent to you properly bound. A solicitor can check this for you too.