Online Legal Fees

Using online solicitors and legal services

There are many excellent online legal services which can be very cost-effective. They can cut out smart high-street premises and time-intensive personal appointments and give you the benefits of time saved through a lower fee.

Often, with a higher through-put of work in their specialist area, the process can be simplified further, often with an online interface whereby you can check the progress of your case.

Some services – like The Will Site – provide the best of both worlds, whereby you save costs by inputting your information in your own time at home, while the will is checked manually in a solicitors office, and queries resolved by email. With more complex wills, it is best to see a local solicitor.

With legal fees expensive in cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, online services often based in far flung places provide substantial savings.

However, these services are best when the process can be well automated, and does not need a personal interview. Some areas of law are unsuitable for accessing at a distance.