No Win, No Fee

No win, no fee – or no fee no win?

No win no fee is a popular buzzword in the UK solicitor market today. What is it?

The no win no fee arrangement is simply a conditional solicitor fee agreement that allows a personal injury and accident solicitor to charge a client solicitors fees only if accident compensation is paid or awarded to the claimant.

Traditionally if you wanted to take a claim against an individual or company, you would have to shoulder sometimes large solicitors fees and the risk of losing the case.

A ‘no win no fee’ accident agreement or claim will protect you from paying solicitors fees regardless of whether you win or lose the personal injury claim. All solicitor fees incurred for making the claim should be taken from the third party’s insurance company, and should not come from you, the claimant.

What to look out for In choosing a car accident claims solicitor,

  • Ensure you carefully check any ‘no win no fee’ accident and personal injury claims agreement.
  • The solicitors should be experts and experienced in handling the particular area you’re concerned with – for example road traffic accident compensation. They’re more likely to deal with your personal injury claims case efficiently.
  • The no fee no win accident solicitor should be able to guide you through the claims proceedings all the while providing you an honest opinion and update on your real chances of winning an injury claim.
  • Double check the fine print before signing.

Some solicitors have disclaimers that they may not point out to you, where for they cannot offer you a 100% compensation agreement on certain cases.

No win no fixed fee

These ‘no win no fixed fee’ arrangements (otherwise known as conditional fee arrangements) may release you from all liability to pay any money should you lose, but it will require you to pay a fixed amount should you win.

An advantage of this type of solicitors fees arrangement is that if you expect your claim to be large you will not have to share too much of the claim compensation with the solicitor.
So you must confirm when taking the details of your compensation claim what it entails exactly; will you be entitled to pay nothing whether you lose or win or, will you have to pay a fixed fee if you win.

Also, it is unlikely that your solicitor will accept a no win no fees and 100 % compensation agreement for criminal or medical injury cases. So ask to be sure. However be careful because some no win no fee solicitors have been known to focus more on getting their solicitor fees at the end of the case rather than working towards a client’s best interests.
Save on solicitor costs with no fee no win
There are several solicitors in the United Kingdom that you can work with to benefit from this conditional solicitor fees arrangement many of which are located in the major cities of London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Bolt Burdon Kemp and Balfor Legal both located in London are good examples of such law firms reputable for their no win no fee compensation claims success rate.