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Employment solicitors and Tribunal costs

Surprisingly, employment law is one of the largest legal disciplines. Employment solicitors are specialists you can call on when you’ve suffered unfair or constructive dismissal and been made redundant, have had money unlawfully deducted from your wages, or have been discriminated against for on the basis of sex, race, age, gender or any other reason.

An employment solicitor should be able to immediately make you aware of your employee rights. Of course you will incur solicitors fees for this process which will vary from one solicitor to another.
Where to begin
Before rushing to a tribunal employment court you need to talk to a solicitor who can establish whether you do have a valid case against your employer or not. If you belong to a union, they may be able to give valuable and often free advice.

Nevertheless by obtaining certain information a solicitor is best placed to identify whether your claims case is worth pursuing whilst advising on how best to proceed. Some of the information solicitors will need includes:

  1. Your employment history that covers the number of employment years and your salary or wages;
  2. Details of your work problems and events that led to your dismissal;
  3. Documentation that may or may not be relevant to the case;
  4. What you may have done so far to attempt to resolve the matter with your employer.

Employment Solicitors costs

What you pay as solicitors fees will be based upon the solicitors’ experience and their employment claims expertise as well as how complicated your case actually is or will be. If you decide to use a solicitor who will take on an advisory or consultancy role for example and will not actually represent you then be prepared to be charged an hourly rate solicitors fee.


A good solicitor will advise that you first try to sort out your problem with your employer directly before going to the tribunal industrial court. This is a very good way of avoiding additional tribunal costs and besides in some circumstances, employment tribunals will only hear your claim if you can prove that you have set out your complaint in writing to your employer before taking your claim to them.

So if you can, steer clear of unnecessary hearing costs; but should the case reach the tribunal other types of solicitors fees arrangement may apply. An example of such an arrangement would be the fixed fee claim costs which are based on an agreed fixed fee where, if you win, the solicitor gets an agreed percentage of the pay-out.

The regulation of ‘no win no fee’ agreements.

There is currently no statutory regulation in employment tribunals regarding contingency no fee no win agreements. This resulted in concern as expressed by the government that it is sometimes difficult for clients to decipher exactly what these agreements comprise. Fortunately proposals have now been introduced to deal with this problem that cap the percentage of damages that can be recovered and mandate that clients be provided with clear and transparent information on total solicitor costs.

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