Divorce Fees

How much does it cost for a Divorce Solicitor?

How do you keep the cost of a divorce to a minimum? What level of solicitors fees should you expect to part with?

UK divorce costs and divorce court fees can be expensive, but less so if the two parties are in agreement. Nevertheless fees vary so shop around before settling on a particular divorce solicitor.

* your reasons for seeking a divorce
* how long you have been separated (if you are living apart from your spouse)
* children’s (if any) current and future living arrangements
* a list of your assets, savings, income and pension arrangements, including those of your spouse
* details of any ongoing problems such as domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, spousal debts.

Grounds for divorce

Divorce will be based on any one of the following counts:

1. Proven, infidelity of a spouse.
2. Proven unreasonable behaviour of a spouse.
3. Mutual consent of both spouses following one year separation.
4. Non mutual consent (where one spouse may not consent) but both spouses have been separated for two years which is grounds enough for divorce.As divorce is a very personal and sensitive issue, it’s up to you to choose a divorce solicitor who you are most comfortable working with on your divorce as well as one whose divorce costs or solicitor fees you can afford.

Some ways to save on divorce solicitors fees.

1. Fixed fee divorce: With a fixed fee divorce you will be expected to pay a fixed fee divorce cost before your solicitor starts work on your case. You should not have to pay any other divorce fees. These solicitors fees will vary from one divorce solicitor to another and should cover the complete divorce process including divorce court fees for filing petitions as well as decrees absolute, VAT, etc. (If charged individually or on an hourly basis solicitors fees often end up being more costly.) However, do check what the fee includes. For instance, will it include advice about your property, finances and children.

2. DIY Divorce: You can purchase divorce packages which explain all of the legal and financial issues that are involved in your separation and divorce as well as how to draw up some of the divorce legal papers on your own. These DIY packages can range anywhere from £30.00 – £100 per divorce package.