Contesting A Will

How much does it cost to contest a will?

Contesting a will of someone who is deceased can be a long drawn-out process, but it is entirely down to your own situation. Normally an executor is obliged by law to follow the wishes of the testator. To contest a will and overturn these instructions can involve complex issues.

So the first thing to do is talk to a solicitor to see if you have a case. At this point – and even when you call to ask for an appointment, you might find that you don’t have a sufficient case to contest the Will.

The cost of contesting a will is difficult to estimate, and it is unlikely you will get a fixed fee quote from your solicitor. An hourly rate is likely to be the only option so you must take care to ensure you are not incurring non-essential work for your solicitor.

To find a specialist solicitor to help with contesting a will, simply complete this form and chose ‘wills’ or ‘probate’ from the drop-down menu and we will have someone call you back within 30 minutes to discuss your requirements and find you the right local solicitor.