Often there is something simple to change to a Will. A Codicil is a document that can be used to add new instructions to an existing will.

Most people imagine a Codicil is cheaper. But it often isn’t. Think about it. Your solicitor not only has to formulate your wishes, but also, work out your previous wishes, study the  existing Will, and write a codicil to vary the will – all without making a mistake. It’s actually quicker – and often more economical – to make a new Will. That’s why codicils are now much less common that they used to be.

The cost a cheap codicil can be as low as £20 – go to The Will Site for the lowest cost Codicil. Many solicitors, however would charge much more, and it is often better to make a new will. You’ll probably find that there are a number of things you’d like to change, and starting again may be the best option.