How can you save on solicitors fees?

Finding the right UK solicitor and deciding on the best way to pay your solicitor’s fee can be a daunting task. Numerous solicitors offer apparently similar services. But one solicitor’s fee can be wildly different from another.The way you pay solicitors fees can make a huge difference – whether by hourly rate, or through a fixed fee agreement. Or even using ‘no win no fee’. There are also ways to get legal advice free. We’ll show you how. But if you have to pay – what is the best way to pay for solicitors fees?

Hourly rates Fixed fees No win no fee
Do it yourself Free legal aid  

Whichever kind of legal service you’re looking for – conveyancing or will-making, for instance, there will be specific ways to keep legal costs down. Similarly you’ll find hints on how to save on accident or personal injury claims or on employment tribunal costs. You just need to know how.

Moving house Accident and Personal injury claims
Divorce Employment law
Wills and probate Divorce